Henry County Medical Center receives outstanding comments from our patients, families, and visitors about the exceptional service we provide.  At HCMC, we are here to provide and we LOVE to hear these comments through our Dear Lisa and WOW! cards as well as through e-mails, phone calls, and letters.

Below are a few of the most recent comments our patients and families have shared with us about our care!

August 2020

“Many Thanks to All the good folks at HCMC Center for Wellness & Rehabilitation. From the time I walked in the front door all the way through to my ‘graduation’ it was encouraging to see everyone of you always working together as a team. I especially appreciate the encouragement you game me and the upbeat attitudes weather or not you were working directly with me on my therapy.”

July 2020

“Just wanted to say a big ‘Thank You.’ The emergency room got me in quickly and were kind and very efficient. I saw a doctor almost immediately. The floor nurses, PAs, and technicians were wonderful and thoroughly explained tests and very much reduced my anxiety. I could not have gotten better care anywhere. Thank you again. I will highly recommend you.”

June 2020

“At first I didn’t like it at all but I hate hospitals. If the doctors and nurses weren’t so good at what they do I would have died so to me they are my Angels from heaven and they are also kind and loving they would help you any way they can to get you back on your feet in no time. They treat you like family and I love that . I don’t want to go to any other hospital that’s for sure. Thank you.”

May 2020

“Big Raves for Henry County Medical Center infusion therapy! The two nurses, Kathy Myers and Elizabeth Waters were incredibly friendly, caring, and accommodating. While I hope I don’t need more infusions in the future, I know that if I do that I will be in great hands with Kathy and Elizabeth. Big thanks to both of you ladies if you see this!”

July 2020

“To 2nd East – Carolyn, Brandi, Trista, and Katie and everyone else on the floor – you all are fantastic.  Mom’s stay was pleasant, comfortable.  Thank you for “patience” with me and your understanding.  If mom has to be in the hospital I want her on 2nd and in the care of Dr. Yemane.  Also to LaVonne Cox – Café.  Dr. Justin Marlar.  Special thanks:  Dr. Yemane.  God Bless you all.”

July 2020

“The nurses, doctors, social workers, and even the custodian staff are the most patient and kindest I have ever had during a hospital stay.  Group meetings were informative and a joy to attend.  Thank you to John and Connie.”