Eagle Creek Clinic

Welcome to Eagle Creek Clinic

Samantha Davidson, PA-C and Bo Richardson, III, MD along with their staff at Eagle Creek Clinic are proud to serve the Paris Landing Area and look forward to being partners in your care.

Medical Services

Our clinic is accepting new patients of all ages and provides a comprehensive range of medical services:

Pediatric Care– well baby and well child physicals, school and sports physicals, ADD and ADHD management

Adults– preventative health and wellness, women’s health (PAPs) and birth control, annual physicals, DOT physicals, screening tests as well as management of high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, anxiety, depression and many other illnesses

Urgent Care– cuts and bruises, foreign body removal, sprains, strains and other sports injuries, sinus infections, ear infections, cold and flu

Skin Conditions– skin lesion/cancer, mole and wart removal, laceration repair, acne treatment

Routine Injections– school vaccines, tetanus, annual influenza and allergy shots

Click here for a complete list of conditions treated.