Understanding Charges

Keep in mind that the “charges” shown on this website are different than your actual payment. Your actual charges and payment greatly depends on your length of stay, medications, complications and other risk factors as well as your insurance, deductible and co-insurance. Please see the listing below of Henry County Medical Center’s top procedure charges and payments.


Full copies of our chargemasters are available by clicking on the following links:

Emergency Room

Henry County Medical Center wishes to provide our patients an estimated amount of services rendered in the Emergency Department.

Please understand that in many cases it is difficult to predict final charges that will result due to variables involved in actual services rendered, such as length of stay, length of recovery, supplies, medications, additional tests, and/or any unusual special care or unexpected conditions/complications. This estimate does not include any physician charges.

Below is the average of charges accumulated by the Emergency Department at Henry County Medical Center based on level of care assigned per case.

Average Charge Amount
ER Triage Level 5 $452
ER Triage Level 4 $1,048
ER Triage Level 3 $2,014
ER Triage Level 2 $3,999
ER Triage Level  1 $6,767

For more information about our charges, please call our Business Office at (731) 642-1220.