Durable Medical Equipment

HCMC in Home Equipment + Supplies is the only locally owned and operated Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Supplier in Paris, TN. We are a department of Henry County Medical Center and are here to serve the patients of HCMC and the citizens of Henry County and the surrounding areas by providing the best medical-grade equipment with the best customer service you can find.


Patient Care
We offer high quality products from Medline, a nationally recognized supplier of high grade devices, and other highly regarded suppliers in the industry. Most items in the category are covered under insurance but require a visit with you physician and a prescription.

  • Semi-electric hospital beds
  • Trapeze devices, both bed mounted and freestanding
  • Hydraulic patient lifts
  • Geriatric chairs
  • Bed pads (disposable and washable)
  • Cervical traction
  • Hot and cold therapy products
  • TENS units

Bath Safety
Durable Medical EquipmentBath safety is a major component of home medical equipment. Products include:

  • Bedside commodes
  • Toilet seat risers
  • Variety of beth seats and benches
  • Tub lifts
  • Grab bars
  • Bath mats
  • Handheld shower head
  • Toilet safety frames

Seat Lift Mechanisms
We offer a wide range of lift chairs, all from Golden Technologies, an American company. There are more than 20 models to choose from in a variety of fabrics and colors to suit almost anyone’s home decor and sizing options to fit any body type. They also have add-on options to choose from, including heat and vibration, zero gravity positioning, extenders and color-coordinating accent pillows.

Manual Mobility
All of our walkers, rollators and manual wheelchairs come in various widths and weight capacities, making them personalized just for you. All mobility items are reimbursable under Medicare guidelines. They require a face-to-face appointment with your physician, a prescription and certain guidelines must be met to be covered.

  • Straight canes
  • Quad canes
  • Crutches
  • Hemi, standard and rolling walkers
  • Rollators
  • Knee walkers
  • Manual wheelchair and all the related accessories

Power Mobility
We offer top-of-the-line power mobility products from Golden Technologies and can assist in getting the necessary forms and other documentation needed to qualify a client for insurance coverage.

  • Power-operated vehicles (scooters)
  • Power wheelchairs

Durable Medical EquipmentDiabetic Shoes and Inserts
Diabetics with any accompanying foot condition may qualify for one pair of shoes and three pairs of inserts per year through their insurance. We offer products from great manufacturers like Dr. Comfort and Aetrex and have over 100 styles to chose from including athletic, casual and dress styles for both men and women. You will be measured each time you come in for shoes to ensure you get a perfect fit every time.

We offer ostomy supplies and accessories from companies like Hollister, ConvaTec and Coloplast. One you entrust us with your care, we will keep at least one month’s supply of your items on the shelf so that if you have an issue and need supplies before your insurance time allows, you have access to your products.

Urologicals/Incontinence Products
We are pleased to offer many urological products such as catheters and their related supplies. We carry indwelling, intermittent and external varieties. Much like ostomy supplies, we try to keep at least one month’s supply on hand in case you should need more than your insurance allows during a given time.
We also offer a line of disposable adult pull-ups and diapers in a wide range of sizes and even have washable briefs and panties with extra absorbent linings.

Wound Care
We have a wide variety of wound care dressings and accessories to help you heal from wounds caused from surgical procedures or accidents.

Enteral Nutrition
We offer enteral nutrition and have everything you need, from pumps and supplies used with a surgically-implanted feeding tube as well as the specific nutrition prescribed by your physician.

Knee CPMs and Cold Therapy
Once you have a knee replacement, we have the prescribed CPM to aid in your healing process. We also offer cold therapy pumps. These pumps are not reimbursable under insurance guidelines, but you’ll find our process to be very competitive. Many orthopedic surgeons recommend the use of these pumps to aid post-operatively in swelling and pain reduction.

  • Aids to Daily Living
  • Reachers
  • Cushions made for specific purposes
  • Pedal exercisers
  • Dressing and dining aids
  • Card holders
  • And more

These products are all retail only but are priced low to make them affordable and help you enjoy an independent life.

Compression Hosiery
Compression hosiery is divided into two categories: TED hose and graduated compression hose.
TED hose offer 18mm of compression and are open-toed, white compression garments in both knee-high and thigh-high lengths. They are generally worn before and after surgeries to prevent blood clots from forming and to aid in circulation.

Graduated compression hose come in 15-20mm and 20-30mm of compression and offer more compression on the foot and ankles and lighter compression on the leg. They are used to prevent blood clots, aid in circulation and help with swelling of the foot and ankle.

Orthopedic Bracing
We are partnered with DonJoy (DJO), a nationally recognized leader in orthopedic bracing, to provide products to our patients. We offer bracing solutions from your neck down to your ankles to help you comfortably recover from joint related conditions and injuries.

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